Photo Shoot

karen o!

You go to see the bands but wind up encountering exes, awkward acquaintances, coworkers, their children, and the rain. Nevertheless, Bumbershoot’s about people, be they on stage or the hoi polloi.

Here are some of our favorite looks.

Top photo: Karen O’s All Kinds of Crazy Suit

raphael saadiq!
Nothin’ Like Sharp Dressed Man: Raphael Saadiq

the whore moans!
The Whore Moans Buttoned Up

janelle monae!
Or a Sharp Dressed Woman: Janelle Monáe

ties that bind!
Ties That Bind

champagne champagne!
Champagne Champagne = Hair Raising

worldly wraps!
Worldly Wraps

tiny dancer!
Os Mutante’s Tiny Dancer

show your spots!
Show Your Spots

Furocious Look