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Ay, There's the Rub

booze rubs!

Mmm is for martinis. You’d bathe in bathtub gin and dab vermouth behind your ears if you could.

All-natural Booze Rubs provide another way to soak up the hard stuff. Mix your favorite alcohol with the locally made spice concoctions for seriously delicious marinades.

Try the three-step program: Mix a little tequila with the chili lime rub, apply to chicken, and grill for a spicy-sweet kick. Mediterranean-inspired lemon rosemary works wonders with gin on fish or pork. Steak lovers will swoon for the savory blend and a splash or several of bourbon.

Then add Mama Bear’s What’s-This-Here sauce (a natural version of Worcestershire) to your Bloody Marys.

See? It’s just as good to sit at the table as be under it.

Available at Pasta & Co., 1935 Queen Anne Avenue (206-283-1182 or pastaco.com); Picnic, 6801 Greenwood Avenue North (206-453-5867 or picnicseattle.com); online at boozerubs.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Booze Rubs

1935 Queen Anne Ave N
@ W Howe St
Seattle, WA 98109
6801 Greenwood Ave N
@ N 68th St
Seattle, WA 98103