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Never discuss politics, religion, or money. But ignoring your finances left you relying on a coffee gift card from Christmas for last week’s sustenance.

Is it any wonder you’re jumpy?

Treat raw nerves, disturbed digestion, and neglected physiology to Japanese acupuncture, a.k.a. Toyohari.

Needle phobes needn’t get stuck to benefit from this gentler, noninvasive method. Whereas Chinese acupuncture pierces the skin, Toyohari directs ki using palpation methods (detection of energy flow) and the mere touch of needles on skin performed by practitioners — such as Toyohari Association of North America president, Brenda Loew.

Western minds may cry bullshit, but Seattle’s Group Health found using a toothpick placebo was just as effective as traditional acupuncture for treating back pain, which may support the Toyohari practice.

Either way, it’s worth a chai and could help a latte.

Available at Japanese Acupuncture Center, 4110 Stone Way North (206-528-8498 or stillpointhealth.net). For more information, go to toyohari.org.

Photo: Courtesy of Toyohari Association of North America

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