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Stud Muffins

purely elizabeth!
Photos: Courtesy of Miha Matei

Oh, you know the muffin man alright. That bastard tortures you daily, hanging over your pants and refusing to behave underneath tight-fitting tops.

It’s time you meet the muffin woman, Elizabeth Stein, a holistic nutrition counselor and creator of Purely Elizabeth, a new line of healthy baking mixes free of sugar, dairy, wheat, and gluten.

Whip up breakfast treats made of ingredients like whole grains (almond, coconut, millet flour) and seeds (flax, hemp, chia). Both kids and grown-ups will love blueberry maple, apple cinnamon, and cacao muffins as well as perfect pancakes.

They can all be prepared vegan by simply replacing the eggs with applesauce or smashed bananas.

Either way, they’re tops.

Available online at purelyelizabeth.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Miha Matei