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surfin seafood!

Aw, a sand facial. Ouch, dude. That was a severely gnarly tube. It’s no wonder you look wiped out.

Maybe you’re not getting enough go-go juice. Let Surfin Seafood round out your diet with fresh seafood delivered to your door monthly.

Owners Tina Montgomery and Jennifer Hanseler offer a variety of flash-frozen fishies in every package. The possibilities include salmon and halibut, a bottom fish like sole or cod, an exotic fish such as marlin or mahimahi, and shellfish like Dungeness crab or Gulf White prawns. Substitutions are welcome, and portions measure three-quarters to one pound each.

Order size varies from those for a single person to a family. And the flash-freezing process preserves flavor and allows the catch to be kept for up to a year.

Creating a situation where you’ll want to eat it.

Surfin Seafood (425-821-1303 or surfinseafood.com).