Cure for the Cold

mono clothing!

Sniffle. Sneeze. Achoo.

Bless you. Hope you’re taking your vitamins.

But you still might catch a case of Mono. Not from locking lips with a snot-nosed stud, from admiring the artsy Vancouver, B.C., clothing line.

Designer Heather Martin begins each piece from the Mono collection as a series of evolving art projects or collaborations ranging from simple illustrations, collages, and the R&D of new textile techniques to elaborate installations.

Mono’s current series (one titled Shard, the other Flight) explore the balance between darkness and light, fragmentation and composure. Case in point: the contrast dyed Collision tee and the Spanned dress, with its stalactite hem yet simple silhouette.

A sexy fringed and knotted leather necklace offers a study of layering and repetition.

And might just lead to a new kissing epidemic.

Available at Birgitta, 5410 22nd Avenue Northwest (206-547-2524 or blackbirdballard.com); online at monoclothing.ca.

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5410 22nd Ave NW
@ Ballard Ave
Seattle, WA 98107