Give a Hoot


Siouxsie, Pat, and Joan. Your adolescent idols continue to rock hard while looking good. Shouldn’t you? Heck, you’ve still got your charms.

No? Try these from Owlita — a name chosen by designer Ashley Doty’s roommate for her future baby, which she bestowed on the jewelry line in exchange for a pair of earrings.

Doty makes the stunners in her Southeast Portland studio by hand, using Oregon feathers and Washington gold hardware. Lengths range from eight-inch shoulder grazers to gangly fourteen-inch clusters that blend beautifully with long locks or stand out with a short do.

Choose from naturally hued pheasant, rooster, peacock, or Lady Amherst bound in leather. Or mix things up with punkier colors reminiscent of your youth.

Yeah, they’re a little ’80s.

So Sioux us.

Available at Sway and Cake, 1631 6th Avenue (206-624-2699 or swayandcake.com). To see styles, go to owlita.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Owlita

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1631 6th Ave
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