Best-Tressed List

twist chignon!

Stocking caps and rain hats off to you and this new do, courtesy of Kelly Rundle at Steven Barrett Salon.

What you’ll need: a comb, hairspray, rubber band, bobby pins, decorative headband or ribbon.

1. Part hair at the center or side. Smooth down with hairspray.

2. Spray roots at the crown (the area at the top back of the head).

twist chignon!3. Separate the hair on the crown into ½-inch sections.

4. Backcomb (in ’80s lingo: “rat”) the sections to create height, then smooth.

5. Take the side pieces (leaving thin strands on either side of face) and bring them together at the back of the head, fastening with crisscrossed bobby pins.

twist chignon!6. Make a ponytail and spray it with hairspray.

7. Backcomb the entire ponytail, smooth, and tuck the tail underneath. Pull the roll apart at the sides into a fan shape. Secure with bobby pins on each side.

twist chignon!8. Twist remaining side strands away from face and crisscross to either side of the chignon. Pin underneath.

9. Tuck in the loose ends, smooth, and spray. Add a headband or ribbon.

Now you’re ready for the mane attraction.

Got a wild hair? Stop by Steven Barrett Salon, 1907 Second Avenue (206-448-8466 or stevenbarrettsalon.com).

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