Weighty Issues

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You’ve been waging a fierce filibuster with yourself throughout 2009. Time to get serious about your own health reform.

Chew on This
Start with a Western herbal detox kit from Kirkland’s Herban Wellness. Then supplement your diet with sea vegetables to further rid impurities, improve hair and skin, and regulate metabolism.

If lettuce seems as exotic as hijiki, try enlisting chef Ellen Fowler from Market-to-Table to shop the farmers markets and prepare meals in your home.

If Knead Be
Tui na therapy (from Tyler Martin or Ageless Acupuncture) helps relieve major or minor pains and achy joints — especially when used in conjunction with traditional massage and acupuncture. The 2,000-year-old practice uses rolling, acupressure, and soft tissue manipulation, among other techniques, to direct qi and realign muscles and ligaments.

Moving Experience
NuFit owner Angie Kahler (206-909-1051 or angie@nufitbalance.com) will help you train for the half or full Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon in Seattle on June 26. Her six-month program includes a weekly group session, three clinics, and a comprehensive training plan.

Or jump into the New Year, literally. Sky High Sports has your favorite old-school activities like dodgeball and aerobics, all on a floor of trampolines.

All the Rest
Get some shut-eye after a Nidra Sleep Treatment at Vida Spa. The aromatic massage targets the scalp and shoulders to trigger deep relaxation.

If you can’t nod off, fake a rested look with Söliv. The seaweed beauty products tighten and nourish skin, creating a more youthful, radiant appearance.

Always a public option.

Photo: AFP / Getty Images