Pony Up

sweetest things!

It’s last call to reward the workhorses in our community — those whose creativity, invention, and foresight have given our city a little giddyap.

Without your vote, it’s too close to call.

On the fashion track we’ve got Bree Nichols (BestGirlWins) trotting alongside Jill Lindsey (Jill Lindsey) and Helen Sharp and Si Doi (Rain + Jack).

The scrumptious second string brings Tony Portugal and Mike Hein (The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company) neck and neck with Adria Shimada (Parfait Organic Artisan Ice Cream) and Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison (Marination Mobile).

Want the trifecta? Pick Whitney Ricketts (The New Guard); Brad Wilke (Flash Volunteer); or Laurie Kearney, Robin Marsh, Rosemary Wagner, Ruthie Nicklaus, and Victoria Parker (Gossamer Collective) for a fun final lap.

Place your bets at dailycandy.com/sweetest_things.

The window’s closing.