High Thymes

sister sage herbs!
Photos: Jupiter Images

Growing your own herb is a risk you’re not willing to take. Weeding out whom to buy the goods from is a total buzzkill.

Put this in your pipe and smoke it: Sister Sage will deliver fresh-cut seasonings and medicinal plants to your door. The herb share program guarantees eight to ten bushels of flowers, herbs, and roots during the summer months (slightly less during winter and spring).

Enroll to intern growing botanicals on Vashon Island in exchange for products or have the company erect a garden in your yard.

And owner Jayne Simmons sells locally made salves and tinctures (learn to make them yourself during one of her classes).

It’s high time you made more than the tokin’ gesture.

For more information, go to sistersageherbs.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Jupiter Images