A Funny New Spin on Baby Talk

mammalingo lexicon website!

Ask a mom how she’s doing after a day of diaper changing, toy wrangling, and food-fight refereeing, and she might not find the words.

Unless she’s Melissa Sher. The mother of two invents vocabulary about the nuttiness of child rearing and posts it on her website, Mammalingo.com. The Webster’s Dictionary of mommy blogs, it delivers an entertaining slew of made-up phrases and definitions.

Among our favorites is telephony: when a child pretends a household object, like a banana, is a phone. Better yet, bangover: the headache caused by a little one clanging pots and pans.

We love the humor mined from everyday scenarios. But it’s also a relief to see we’re not alone in cursing the UPS guy who rousts baby from slumber (a troublewaker) or the husband who can’t give the Flip a rest (he has camcorditis).

Sher publishes submissions from readers, so anybody can join the, er, momversation.

Available online at mammalingo.com. To submit words, e-mail mammalingo@gmail.com.


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