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Summer Robinson’s “tree house for nerds” — as one visiting author recently put it with great affection — has indie-published texts to please everyone on your list.

Little Lessons in Safety, by Emily Holton, $17
For those with a penchant for beautifully illustrated stories of the strange (a boy with a bird for hair, Karl Lagerfeld performing a bris), the graphic novel contains striking images and wise observations about human nature.

Thin Kimono, by Michael Earl Craig, $14
With its nuanced, playful ruminations on the everyday, Craig’s third collection of poetry will appeal to lovers of the absurd.

The System of Vienna, by Gert Jonke, $13
Budding philosophers will thoughtfully ponder the stunning language the fantastic Austrian humorist employs in his fictionalized tales of streetcar rides around Vienna.

Lake Antiquity, by Brandon Downing, $40
The fat tome of rich, full-color text collages (with found images dating back to the 1800s) will entrance art connoisseurs.

The Third Elevator, by Aimee Bender, $7
For anyone who enjoys a fine turn of phrase, Bender’s slim novella follows a swan and bluebird’s adventures around town in a magical elevator.

Pilot Books, 219 Broadway East, Capitol Hill (206-229-7181).

Illustration: Courtesy of Pilot Books

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