Thinknow or Forever Hold Your Peace

Reclaimed Paper Jewelry You'll Adore

cape olohana jewelry!

You thought you knew your way around a compass.

Until you saw Rebecca Luong’s perfect circles. The local architectural designer created her Thinknow line of curvy jewelry using a laser cutter and mat board.

The deep black and glinting gray paper baubles are playful (they’re made out of scraps from Seattle frame shops) and elegant (pair with an over-the-top ball gown), highbrow and lowbrow from clasp to chain.

The new five-piece collection, Cape Olohana, looks like a whole mess of bubbles in profile, with one curve overlapping the next. Earrings are interlocking paper rings and sterling silver hooks, dangling rings show off a little mother-of-pearl, and everything is handmade in a sustainable fashion.

Without sending style back to the drafting table.

Available at Momo, 600 South Jackson Street (206-329-4736 or momoseattle.com); online at shop.wearthinknow.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Thinknow

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600 S Jackson St
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Seattle, WA 98104