Dottyspeck's Limited-Edition Jewelry Is Within Your Clasp

Shiny Objects to Distract You

dottyspeck rainbow jewelry!

Your brief foray into jewelry design yielded a pile of macaroni necklaces and paper clip earrings.

For more inspired creations, check out Dottyspeck, local designer Kim Williamson’s charming line of hammered and hand-cut accessories.

Even better, sneak a peek (like we did) at her limited-edition, experimental pieces: Swollen rectangle earrings and other geometric gems will please shape-shifters; delicate cloud and branch pendants make perfect gifts for the ecoinclined.

The discreetly macabre gold vermeil bracelet resembling a strand of thin, curved bones adds panache to any little black dress. But it’s the oxidized Double Rainbow necklace formed from two misaligned semiovals that’s captured our attention.

Williamson’s quite the crafty one.

Available at Spun Sustainable Collective, 1515 14th Avenue, suite a, Capitol Hill (206-328-2102 or spuncollective.blogspot.com). For more information, go to dottyspeck.typepad.com.

Photo: Kim Williamson

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