Ampersand as Apostrophe Convertible Bags

Unzip, Chain Up, Bend Over

ampersand leather bags!

Despite backstage designer drama, street-style stalkers, and baby blogger infatuation, there’s a whole slew of folks out there who believe fashion can be transformational.

Seattle-based Jessica Park is taking that literally. The brains behind Fremont’s Coming Soon gallery and pop-up shop makes one-of-a-kind convertible purses for girls on the go.

Park sources vintage leathers, industrial brass trims, and bohemian fabrics for her shape-shifting creations. The Mailbag clutch is made from a century-old English postbag, with tough-looking zippers that open up into shoulder straps. And the Aztec is a geometric-print springbok-hide purse that dangles from a detachable chain (also available: a matching checkbook-size wallet).

All you have to do is unzip, unchain, or fold over. And — maybe — do a few costume changes.

Available at Lambs Ear, 617 North 35th Street (206-632-2626 or lambsearshoes.com); online at ampersandasapostrophe.com, $275 and up.

Photo: Jessica Carter

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Lambs Ear
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