It's Not a Massage, It's Hellerwork

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art of form hellerwork treatment!

Despite what the human resources handbook says, you are not built for 9-to-5 computering.

Take a knot break and see Beattie at Art of Form. She performs Hellerwork, a massage-like service (technically referred to as connective tissue manipulation) that compels your muscles to loosen up.

A Rolfing offshoot that originated in the ’70s, Hellerwork is more interactive than your corner shiatsu. Show up in gym shorts and a tank top so you can get active. Hands-on muscle therapy takes place as you move across the floor as well as on a massage table. Like reflexology (and pretty much anything else that’s good for you), there will be occasional discomfort.

But it’s worth it: After just one session, you’ll find your muscles looser, spine straighter, and whole body properly aligned.

Choose from single treatments ($130 and up) or an eleven-step intensive that works the whole body from soles to crown.

And here’s a bonus you’ll never get at work: added height, open shoulders, and a pain-free stance.

Available at Art of Form, 310 Northwest 40th Street, studio b (323-868-9621 or artofform.org).

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