Put Vegas Violators in Their Place

Put Vegas Violators in Their Place

Dedicated Video: LVCVA

For those who have done Las Vegas right, this should be a no-brainer.

What-happens-here-stays-here moments belong:

a) on Facebook
b) on Twitter
c) on Tumblr
d) none of the above

Of course you picked the correct answer: d(uh). But it should come as no surprise that a new breed of oversharers consistently gets it wrong.

They must be stopped.

After all, though it’s A-okay for your newest friend, Grandma, to sneak a peek at your lovely five-course dinner, you don’t want her to catch you BLEEPing, do you?

That’s where the Know the Code oath comes in: Acknowledge your willingness to protect those top-tier Vegas moments from the Internet (i.e., no posting, tagging, tweeting, or blabbering) and commit to reporting its violators, whom you’ll be able to label as such via social media.

They’ll thank you someday.

Sign the oath and learn more online at visitlasvegas.com/knowthecode.