Break Bad Scrubbing Habits with Karmalades Cleaners

So Fresh and So Naturally Clean

karmalades all-natural household cleaners!

A short list of household cleaning ingredients: diethanolamine, monoethanolamine, phosphoric acid. What the @*#! does it all mean?

Steer clear of the mess with Karmalades, a locally produced line of ecofriendly cleaning products.

Packaged in recyclable glass containers, the all-natural, sulfate-free collection can be used on every surface in your place.

The Scrubbing Souffle, a thick and sudsy cream, makes everything (bathroom tiles, dishes, stainless steel appliances, your grandmother’s silver) glisten. And scents like lavender sugar cookie, lemon meringue, almond butter, and coconut macaroon smell delicious.

Sprays for mirrors, windows, and countertops make touch-ups a breeze, while air fresheners and hand sanitizers keep it clean.

Which is more than we can say for your mouth.

Available online at etsy.com, $5-$13.

Photo: Courtesy of Karmalades