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Vandaveer's Mark Charles Heidinger Cranks Some Tunes

Road Trip Jams

vandaveer's highway playlist!

Vandaveer’s Mark Charles Heidinger knows that touring means endless days on the highway. But the local folk crooner is more than happy to play van DJ. Here are his picks for your next road trip.

Wildflowers,” by Tom Petty
Breakup records cut deep. I lean on this one a lot — for all manner of reasons.

Series of Dreams,” by Bob Dylan
A victory march of sound but a casual rumination on the foggy nature of dreams. They can be big, or they can be nothing. Or both.

Islands in the Stream,” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
One of my all-time favorite duets. Very few voices come even close to Ms. Parton’s.

Can’t Get It out of My Head,” by Electric Light Orchestra
“Walking on a wave’s chicane.” If you can work that lyric into a song and it doesn’t sound dumb, you are doing a whole bunch of things right.

Must You Throw Dirt in My Face,” by Charlie Louvin
Stops me in my tracks every time. Charlie died earlier this year. I’m just glad he gave the world this record a few years back.

This Guitar Is for Sale,” by John Prine
Shel [Silverstein] was my absolute favorite author growing up. My folks made sure I got a copy of his latest book of poetry each time one was published. I still read them today.

After the Fire Is Gone,” by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn
Love lost. Love longed for. Love substituted. Love-torn. A classic country missive full of heartache and harmony.

Meanstreak,” by Matt Duncan
The hooks on this EP are world-class, and they come steady and tightly tucked into every measure of every track — all with a casual, matter-of-fact vocal narrative tying the whole thing together. Deceptively simple and complex at the same time.

To Begin,” by Alela Diane & Wild Divine
We had the pleasure of playing with Alela in France not too long ago. I really like the new direction on this record. It reminds me of Fleetwood Mac in some ways.

Handle with Care,” by The Traveling Wilburys
I get chills from my neck all the way to my toes every time I hear this song. I miss George and Roy, and I miss thinking these guys were old but cool when I was a kid. Old is relative and — if we’re lucky — inevitable, but cool is definitive and timeless.

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Photo: Sarah Law / Courtesy of Vandaveer