Love & Carrots Gardening Service Moves In

Going to Pot with Grace

love & carrots gardening service!

Dear Little Pot of Basil,

We’re sorry we watched you wilt, didn’t provide enough sun (or was it shade?), and picked all your leaves to make a mediocre pesto.

Let us make it up to you by hiring Love & Carrots, a new organic gardening service that customizes easy-to-manage flower and veggie gardens (for big yards or just rows of pots on a balcony).

Clients can be as involved or uninvolved as they want: Love & Carrots develops a plan, plants everything, and maintains the garden or imparts the basics so greenhorns can do it themselves.

The service also offers assistance with preserving and canning and will even water and harvest when you’re out of town.

We hope you’ll give it a green thumbs up.



Love & Carrots (802-363-9643 or loveandcarrots.com).

Photo: joSon / Getty Images

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