Get Tied Up with Accessories by ASH

Knot your average friendship bracelet

accessories by ash!

After saying no to sheer pants and sidestepping the flatform, it’s safe to say you usually keep your cool in the face of trends.

Get ready to go overboard for Accessories by ASH, Allison Hertzberg’s line of friendship bracelet-inspired adornments.

Hertzberg was first introduced to intricate knotting techniques by fishermen while working on a documentary in Maine. Between lobstering and filming, she picked up the basic nautical loop and was hooked. Hertzberg now twists and knots belts, bracelets, necklaces, and headbands in her downtown New York apartment, using a sea of multicolor cotton, nylon climbing rope, and vintage chains netted from estate sales.

Pull double duty with a burnt orange bracelet that can also be worn as a statement necklace. Take the lighthearted look into summer with gray and neon green collars and woven headbands (our favorites), or keep it classic with cascading copper and brass chains that hang like ripples around the neck.

Reel ’em in.

Available online at accessoriesbyash.com, $35-$85.

Photo: Courtesy of Accessories by ASH