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Meat Your Match at Croftburn Market in Culpeper

Grass-Fed Beef, Pork, and Lamb

croftburn market!

Trolling meat markets isn’t your thing (sleazy banker A versus entitled lawyer B).

But those in search of serious beefcake should gussy up for a trip to Croftburn Market in Culpeper.

Owned and operated by Andrew Campbell, the country market carries meat sourced from animals raised on his family’s generations-old farm, as well as local comestibles.

Stock up on beef, pork, and lamb, all of which are grass fed and pasture raised (the farm even grows its own hay and grain for feed). Order filet mignon, London broil, all-beef hot dogs, sausages, osso buco, or cuts for stew. With exotic options (marrow, soup bones), custom cuts, and special orders, Crofton’s always packing what you need.

Fill your basket with cheese from Cherry Glen and FireFly Farms, milk from Moo Thru, fresh Red Truck Bakery cakes and muffins, and carryout sandwiches.

Overall, you’ll make out pretty well.

Croftburn Market, 16178 Rogers Road, Culpeper (540-825-9044 or croftburnmarket.com).

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16178 Rogers Rd
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