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Baked by Yael Makes the Perfect Bagel

The Best We've Ever Eaten

baked by yael!

A devout student of DIY, you’ve mastered the arts of cleaning silk in the wash, cooking a killer fish taco, and even cutting your own bangs.

But leave the bread-making to Yael Krigman of Baked by Yael.

The local lawyer-turned-baker rolls dough by hand, then boils and bakes it to perfection. Each bagel is neither too big nor too small (about the size of a donut) and the texture is just right. Opt for plain, poppy seed, sesame, or everything in half- or full-dozen quantities.

Krigman also whips up raspberry bars, black and white cookies, rugelach, crumb cake, lemon pound cake, and red velvet cake pops.

She’ll ship your order in a cute bakery box or you can simply run over to Cleveland Park to pick it up (she’ll send you the location after you order).

You’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Available by email order (order@bakedbyyael.com), $9 and up. To see the selection, go to bakedbyyael.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Baked by Yael