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The Orange Arrow Throws You a Custom Dinner Party

You Can Go Your Own Way

the orange arrow custom dinners!

When it comes to throwing dinner parties, you feel pretty lost.

Get your bearings with The Orange Arrow, the secretive, roving restaurant run by man-about-town Ian Fey and chef Carole Greenwood, now offering custom dinners for hungry people who want to host.

They’ll help you select an unexpected location (warehouse, former church, school bus, apartment roof), craft a menu, get DJs and artists to set the mood, and even fill guest list gaps with their own cache of cool kids, writers, musicians, and chefs. Past additions include White House chef Sam Kass, band members of U.S. Royalty, and photographer Cynthia Connolly.

The duo will send cryptic invites to your attendees, project their signature orange arrow light outside the event space, and lead everyone through multicourse meals that often end with late-night dancing.

If you can’t wait to hold your own dinner party, get a taste of the phenomenon this Saturday at the company’s event in an open-air greenhouse on a Brandywine farm, with installations by artist Tattfoo.

It’ll put you on the right track.

For more information or to register for the Saturday dinner, go to theorangearrow.com. Custom parties start at $120 per person; this weekend’s event is $150.

Photo: Julian Vu / Courtesy of The Orange Arrow