Space Out with Organized by Design

Michelle Houlihan Makes It Her Business

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Unofficial Commandments of Cohabitation
1. Do not stack your old newspapers on our pile of dirty laundry.
2. When grabbing your coat, put the luggage that fell out of the hall closet back in.
3. Mail shall not be left on the floor (for more than two days).

Ditch the disastrous house rules and seek help from Michelle Houlihan of Organized by Design, the personal organization service that works with you and your roomie to create an orderly and efficient living situation.

A background in psychology means Houlihan can read between the lines while setting up neutral territory (e.g., your makeup will be as easily accessible as your S.O.’s collection of hotel bath products). Using baskets, boxes, and magic hangers, she’ll reorganize a shared closet so your mate’s shoes aren’t fighting your handbags for space. She can even systemize your living room to pull double duty as a party spot and home office.

After all, there’s a place for everything.

Organized by Design (michelle@organizedbydesignbymichelle.com or organizedbydesignbymichelle.com), $40 and up.

Photo: Alex Wilson / Getty Images