We Pick the Best D.C. Discoveries of 2011

A Look Back at the City's Finest

best of washington, d.c.!

A lot happened this year. Let’s review, shall we?

Most Delicious Sweet Treat We Tried: Karen Mary Co. Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows 

Easiest Ways to Work Off Those Treats: Randi Weissberger’s Sugar Addiction Boot Camp and Rich Salke’s Personal Training

Fastest Ways to Look Good: Violet Hair and Skin Care’s Charming Owners, Brow Shaping by Kari Slanksy, and I Luv Pink Polish Mobile Manicures

Favorite Getaway: Road Trip to the Virginia Countryside

Nicest Way to Get There: Vandaveer’s Road-Trip Jams

Ideal Spot for Ogling: Heiner Contemporary Gallery

Something Hot in the Kitchen: Bayou’s Savory Creole Appetizer

Worth the Wait: El Centro D.F.

Photo: Thinkstock