Femme Fatale Fitness Boot Camp at BETA Academy

Kicking It in Columbia Heights

beta academy launches!

Unlike that girl with the dragon tattoo, you’re hardly the kicking-ass-and-taking-names type — yet.

Leave that to BETA Academy’s newly launched Femme Fatale Fitness Boot Camp. Based on routines used by professional Thai boxers, the conditioning program is the brainchild of U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Laurie Porsch, who, at 24, already has tours of Iraq and Afghanistan under her belt.

Amp up stamina and energy during the hour-long, women-only sessions. Begin with dynamic stretching, then move to the mat for twenty-plus minutes of intensive metabolic exercises (hint: tons of squats) before wrapping up with abs. And kick excuses to the curb: It’s easy to attend classes in the early a.m. or after work.

Sergeant Porsch recommends twice-weekly attendance to see results and even gives Zone-inspired nutritional counseling and Paleo Diet-style meal delivery plans.

That a girl.

Available at BETA Academy, 1459 Columbia Road Northwest (202-538-0422 or betacademy.com), $179-$219 per month. Call to reserve a free one-on-one class and fitness assessment.

Photo: George Doyle / Getty Images

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