Batter Up with Featherlash by Titi Lee

Ecofriendly Extensions in Midtown

featherlash extensions titi lee!

You’ve struck out with alleged miracle mascaras, not-so-magical lash serums, and glue-riddled falsies.

Up your batting average with Featherlash, ecofriendly extensions that mimic the natural look, curve, and feel of one’s lashes for up to four weeks.

Beauty guru Titi Lee’s painless procedure requires a makeup-free face to ensure a strong bond. Depending on your natural fullness, she’ll spend anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours meticulously weaving microscopic strands of color-matched silk into existing lashes.

Initially recommended for brides worried about inky mascara tears, Featherlash is light enough for the boardroom while adding some subtle flair.

And true to LEED Gold-certified Nusta Spa’s green ideals, Lee seals her work with an ecofriendly adhesive.

Ensuring no one cries foul.

Available at Nusta Spa, 1129 20th Street Northwest (202-530-5700 or nustaspa.com).

Photo: George Doyle / Getty Images

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