Dog Vacay Boarding Service

The puppy-sitters club

dog vacay!

Ever since we learned how to massage a puppy, dog walkers in Washington Square Park have learned how to avoid us.

A less creepy way to make friends with animals: Dog Vacay, now live in New York.

Essentially the humane version of Rent-a-Pup, the site hooks owners up with willing sitters to avoid the stress and cost of kennels. To participate, create a profile with info about yourself, pets, and apartment; upload photos of all; provide references and qualifications; and wait for owners heading out of town to contact you.

Fido’s parents bring the necessary goods (dog, food, medications, leashes, etc.); you simply provide the love, potty walks, and playtime for right around $15 per night (you can charge more or less; we’d do it for free).

On the other end of the stick, dog moms and dads can take comfort in regular photo updates of their baby frolicking in a cage-free, insured, and happy environment.

Now sit.

Sign up online at dogvacay.com.

Photo: altrendo images / Getty Images