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Big Bottom Market's Honeydew Honey

Sonoma varietals gone sweet

big bottom honey!

Two diners sit at a breakfast bar

Sommelier: [sniffs] I’m getting citrus on the palate and traces of bergamot.

Breakfaster: [sniffs] I’m getting notes of molasses and chocolate, and a waft of woodsy texture.

S: Pardon?

B: It’s this new honey from Big Bottom Market. The company has just released its 2010 and 2011 honeydew-flavor jars from Piper Down apiary in Sonoma County. It’s more savory than sweet in a drown-your-cheese-plate kind of way.

S: But the complexity couldn’t possibly rival that of wine.

B: Bee-lieve it. The foodies in charge source small batches from neighboring hives and include the harvest year, county, apiary, and style on the label — just like vino. You can taste the difference from year to year and even identify the terroir. It adds texture to salad dressing and pairs beautifully with the market’s famous biscuits.

S: I don’t believe it. Shove it up your hive.

B: Oh, stop wining.

Available at Big Bottom Market, 16228 Main Street, between Church Street and Armstrong Woods Road, Guerneville (707-604-7295 or bigbottommarket.com). For DC-exclusive pricing ($10 pickup or $14 to ship), email michael@bigbottommarket.com with “DailyCandy Honey” in the subject line.

Photo: Aubrie Pick for DailyCandy

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