Editor's Pick: "Dear Photograph"

A photo blogger's paper debut

dear photograph book!

Sometimes, the phrase “overnight blogging sensation” actually means “overexposed celebutante we’re really not that jazzed about, now that we think about it.”

Other times — as in shutterbug Taylor Jones, whose new book hit shelves last night — it signifies a fresh, late-breaking talent you’d do well to get to know.

Taylor built a cult following (comprising both readers and contributors) using a simple setup:

1. Take a cherished photo (first day of school, parents’ wedding day fanfare) back to the spot where it was originally shot.
2. Hold it up in the exact place it was first captured.
3. Shoot it again.
4. Amass following. (And this week, a book.)

A pic may last longer, but leafing through this stuff left me close to speechless.

— Tiffany, Everywhere editor

Available at amazon.com, $17.

Photo: Tiffany Davis / DailyCandy