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Macaron Bee Traced to Georgetown

A rare non-cupcake sighting

macaron bee!

Species: Macaron Bee

Ancestry: French

Discovered by: Han and Debby Kim, who joined forces at the Culinary Institute of America.

Habitat: New pint-size confectionery in Georgetown; the elusive sweets prefer to nest in a single refrigerated display case.

Varieties: Thirteen pairings differentiated by color (tan, red, yellow) and flavor (rose, vanilla bean, caramel fleur de sel, pistachio). Blood orange and raspberry breeds are dairy free, due to rare jam fillings.

Behavior: Gluten free by nature. Travel both individually and in packs for party purposes.

Risk: One bite leaves the victim in a euphoric state; intense cravings and episodes of involuntarily drool may occur if left unfinished.

Macaron Bee, 1669 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, at Reservoir Road (202-338-0216 or macaronbee.com), $1.75 each.

Photo: Kate Gibbs for DailyCandy

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1669 Wisconsin Ave NW
@ Reservoir Rd
Washington, DC 20007