S85's District of Columbia Polish Collection

Three sisters nail it

s85 nail polish!

Myers sisters Tammi, Tamika, and Tiffany have painted the town red — and just about every other shade they fancy.

The delightfully alliterative trio, who polished one another’s nails as kids, channeled (and bottled) their lacquer obsession into four collections: Stay Beautiful’s soft pastels; City Girl/Southern Gal’s eye-popping brights; Ink’s cracked colors; and, our favorite, the landmark-inspired District of Columbia.

The latter’s Mambo Sauce recalls the near-neon orange of D.C.’s favorite Chinese takeout condiment, while GoGo’s gold-flecked black pays funky tribute to the late, great Chuck Brown. Get presidential with 1600 (a metallic azure) or park it at Roc Creek (a captivating jade).

The siblings have imagined upward of 500 possible polishes but welcome suggestions. Email a locally inspired name and corresponding hue to contact@mystudio85.com for the chance to end up wearing yourself out.

We’re happy to have tipped you off.

Available at Studio 85, 53 Florida Avenue Northwest, between 1st and North Capitol Streets (415-606-3640 or mystudio85.com), $4.50-$6.

Photo: Courtesy of Studio 85

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