La Petite Marmoset Girls Know What You Want

They'll build your dream wardrobe

la petite marmoset!

What looks good on screen might smell weird in real life or hug you in all the wrong places (see: eBay sweaters, your last OKCupid date).

Find a better fit IRL with vintage fashion upcyclers La Petite Marmoset.

Co-owners Katherine Martinez and Ashley Turchin have shifted from ’80s-inspired virtual stockholders to garb-hunting stylists with free in-person sessions at their Columbia Heights showroom.

Email your request for a weekend time slot. Go it alone or arrange a shopping party for friends. Include your size, style, and the nature of your search — boho beach wedding apparel, law library-appropriate florals — and prep for an affordable rack of designs (dresses typically cost less than $60). A confirmation email includes the hush-hush location.

The vibe is cool and sisterly. And to keep things chill, the hosts serve wine.

How first-date appropriate.

To book an appointment, email info@lapetitemarmoset.com. For more information, go to lapetitemarmoset.blogspot.com.

Photo: Kate Gibbs for DailyCandy