Slow Down with Luxurious Sloth Jewelry

Slow and steady wins the accessories race

luxurious sloth!

Earlier this year, Kristen Bell put sloths in their proper place (the spotlight).

Today, the creature gets a second hit of fame.

Luxurious Sloth, a collection of playful, hip jewelry from Dovetail owner Julie Ghatan, celebrates the sultriness of the slow life.

Ghatan designs based on her whims. While trolling fleas and estate sales to stock her shop, she picks up vintage bits that catch her eye.

Her eclectic pieces toe the line between old-school and contemporary: shoulder-grazing earrings are made of vintage chandelier crystals and turquoise beads; brass tubes wrapped in color-blocked cotton are embellished with peacock feathers and strung from hand-dyed silk; vintage keys dangle from brass chains.

Designs morph with Ghatan’s sensibilities, so there’s always something new.

Don’t let slothfulness get in the way of finding out for yourself.

Available at Dovetail, 1452 West Chicago Avenue, between Greenview Avenue and Noble Street (312-243-3100 or dovetailchicago.com), $30-$50.

Photo: Courtesy of Dovetail 

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1452 W Chicago Ave
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