Mother's Helper: Parenthood Psychology Practice

Skype sessions for new moms

parenthood psychology practice!

Blame it on the hormones, but the idea of getting dressed to go to therapy after baby’s arrival sounds about as appealing as a night of passionate lovemaking. Not. Going. To. Happen.

But it’s exactly what a lot of new moms need (the therapy, not the sex).

Parenthood Psychology Practice is a mental health group focused on the needs of new and expectant parents, but unlike other practices, its office is your home. Local New York sessions can take place on a walk around the block or over your kitchen table; remote patients dial-up on Skype in the comfort of their own living rooms (and pajamas).

Doctors Marianna Strongin and Alexandra Goletka are also moms and have a strong commitment to helping make their patients’ transition into parenthood as comfortable as possible.

In fact, no bra required.

Find more information at parenthoodpsychologypractice.com.

Photo: Image Source / Getty Images