Book Report: One Potato Children's Book Shop

Curated kids' reads you'll love

one potato!

Good news: Your babe loves when you read to him. Bad news: He’s starting to suspect Us Weekly is not for kids.

Time to delve into the charming world of children’s books — with help from One Potato.

Started by full-time dad Jay Bushara, the site showcases a curated collection of children’s books (along with links to Amazon). Basically, Bushara combs through oodles of material to find the most engaging stories — so you don’t have to.

Browse cutesy categories like Pipsqueaks & Bloomers, Underwater & Overseas, and Some Things Are Scary. The well-edited selection will woo you, with picks ranging from old-school favorites to penny bin finds and foreign fare that’s bound to make your tot a sophisticated reader.

Well, more sophisticated than some People.

Online at onepotato.net.

Photo: Image Source / Getty Images