Play It Again: Deuz Minimaracas

An ecofriendly instrument for your one-man orchestra

deuz minimaracas!

There’s the keyboard that’s always out of batteries and the xylophone mallet that mysteriously disappeared. Either your house has a musical bandit or you have a headache.

One toy that’s music to your ears: Deuz Minimaracas.

The set of rattles emits three tones for a sound that’s more calypso quartet than garage band. Indian craftsmen make each from wood that’s free of chemicals, and the subdued colors come courtesy of vegetable dyes. Smooth, simple shapes allow your percussionist-in-training to shake up a storm.

And tide you over until he begs for a drum set.

Available at zoeborganic.com, $39.

Photo: Courtesy of Zoe B Organic