The Real Juice Launches

Meet your new main squeeze

the real juice!

Gluttony has its place (specifically, last Thursday). Now it’s time to rein in those wayward eating habits.

Unfortunately, your juicer hasn’t seen the light of day since the great beet explosion of aught nine.

That’s where Shila Moran comes in. Her new venture, The Real Juice, delivers freshly made concoctions to your doorstep by 5 a.m. at — here’s the best part — no extra charge.

Cold-pressed flavors like Energize (kale, cucumber, apple, celery, lemon) and Replenish (carrot, apple, beet, orange, pineapple, parsley) come in 59-ounce jugs, so you can sip all week.

Take it to the next level with one- to five-day cleanses (detox manuals included) and whittle your waist back into skinny jeans territory.

And that’s no pulp fiction.

Available at therealjuice.com, $21 per jug; cleanses start at $65 per day.

Photo: Courtesy of The Real Juice