SideTour Spills Local Secrets

You're on a need-to-know basis


You have many areas of expertise: cat-eye liner whiz, pancake flipper, Xerox repair woman.

Newly launched social service SideTour (an NYC transplant) invites you to add chocolatier, test driver, and undercover agent to your resume.

SideTour taps local experts to lead experiences for a select few (four to twelve). Sign up online, arrive dressed to participate, and prepare to get your hands dirty.

Roll truffles with J. Chocolatier owner Jane Morris, pop exclusive bottles from the Rhone Valley with wine importer Tom Natan, rev the electric engine of Tesla’s newest Model S, break-dance alongside Takoma-based Toyz Are Us, or live out your Homeland spy fantasy with former CIA disguise technician Kelly Buffenbarger (assuming that’s her real name).

Check back often; new experiences and hosts are added weekly.

After all, in this town, it’s not always what you know. It’s who.

Available at sidetour.com, $25-$75 per person.

Photo: Besim Mazhiqi / Getty Images