All of the Above

Three new online shops for kids

three new online shops!

Being a parent is a brainteaser. You want your kids to fit in, but you want your kids to stand out.

These three new online shops are outfitted with answers.

Little Circus
Owner Jenna Lonstein has been to the big top. Prior to opening Little Circus she founded (and designed) Anlo jeans. These days she’s mixing classic kiddie looks with a bit of rock ’n’ roll styling. Standouts include crawler tights from Falke, Euro-styled dresses from Amore di Mamma, swimwear from British darling Sunuva, and holiday gifts galore from French toymaker Janod.

A Size Too Small
Started by two Vancouver-based pals who met working at Canadian fashion line Dace, A Size Too Small’s vision is clear: adult-styled clothes in little-people sizes. A combination of new collections (Popupshop, Nico Nico, ESP No.1) and vintage finds, the tightly edited selection traffics in muted colors, hipster silhouettes, and one-size-fits-all playthings (yes, you have to share the fashion victim dolls).

Fawn Shoppe
Perusing the goods at Fawn Shoppe feels like peering into the closet of your best-dressed friend — if you were both 4 and lived on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The lineup includes smaller collections such as U.S.-based Busy Bees and Anais & I, and overseas gems such as Troizenfants. A focus on quality construction and timeless styling means the whole lot is primed to be handed down again and again.

Photos: Courtesy of Little Circus; Courtesy of Fawn Shoppe; Courtesy of A Size Too Small