Holiday Gifting for Men of Mystery

Presents for your partner in crime

green hat gin!

You may have nabbed an international man of mystery, but we’ve cracked the code to ideal gift giving. Spy our list of winning ideas and defuse the countdown to the holidays.

Shaken, Not Stirred
Shake up Vesper martinis (or Rickeys) with Green Hat Gin, distilled in Ivy City since the first week of October. Numbered bottles from the sixth and seventh batches are on order at A.M. Wine Shoppe, due in by week’s end.

Hot Stuff
apinya thai chili sauce!Set his world a-tingle with Apinya, the chili sauce with 36 secret ingredients made by a husband-and-wife team in Herndon, Virginia. The logo suggests Octopussy herself would approve of the fiery stocking stuffer (available at Smucker Farms of Lancaster County).

Close Call
Stymie his stubble with a straight razor Chipper Shave (hot lather, hot towel, facial massage) at Wise Owl Club, the retrofitted barbershop in AdMo. Co-owner Lauren Goans keeps it cleaner than Miss Moneypenny.

Tricks of the Trade
leica camera!Queue up for Q-worthy gadgets wrapped in tooled British leather at Mulberry, another area newcomer. The travel adapter plugs into American, European, Chinese, Australian, and English sockets. (There’s a hidden USB port, too.) Help him capture memories through the lens of a Leica X2 Paul Smith edition camera in hunter green with orange and lime stripes. Note how it comes wrapped in a leather case.

Suit Up
Style the living daylights out of him with Suitsupply gear. The double-breasted Purple Line in gray pinstripes works for days with M and nights at the baccarat table. And because anything skimpy for you is also a gift for him, spark his Ursula Andress fantasies in a Karla Colletto cut-out one-piece designed in her Vienna, Virginia, studio.

Undercover Agents
exquisitely evil!Two tickets to the International Spy Museum’s new Exquisitely Evil installation are a given. (Hint: Tap the glass in the “shark tank.”) Form a bond, a lasting bond.

guys' gift guide!Need more toys for the boys on your list? Scan our guys’ gift guide.

Photos: Courtesy of Green Hat Gin; Courtesy of Apinya; Paul Smith / Courtesy of Leica; Courtesy of Exquisitely Evil