Geared Up: Ergo Winter Edition Baby Carrier

Baby, it's cold outside


Soon-to-be moms face lots of tough decisions, from birth plans to baby names. But none is quite as harrowing as the age-old question: Ergo or Baby Bjorn?

Settling the battle once and for all: the Ergo Winter Edition, which is, forgive us, the Cadillac of baby carriers.

The new model comes with a cozy quilted lining and oh-so-plush sheepskin trim, meaning you no longer need to wrap your coat around your baby like a crazy makeshift Snuggie. There’s also a matching muff, so your mitts stay snug — while still nimble for pacifier placing. Both the lining and the muff can be easily detached, morphing the Ergo back into its usual lightweight version come spring.

The Winter Edition comes in just one color, a fitting winter white. Call it one less decision you’ll have to make.

Available online at ergobaby.com, $195.

Photo: Courtesy of Ergobaby