Stick to an Osmia Organics Beauty Regimen

Nature-based aromatic oils and potions that are anything but crunchy

osmia organics skin care!

Patient: Mug, Your

Consulting physician: Fresh-faced, Colorado mountains-based emergency physician-turned-dermal sensei Sarah Villafranco

Symptoms: Noticeable skin fatigue. Over (the counter) indulgence in preservative- and fragrance-packed products. Beauty aisle disorientation. Ingredient pronunciation nausea.

Prescribed regimen: One of five facial care starter kits (packed with mixes of black clay soap, facial calibration and restoration serums, or gentle foaming cleanser combinations catering to skin type and woes).

No-nos: Parabens and phthalates (they affect hormones), animal testing (Villafranco’s a die-hard vegetarian), and additives ending in “eth” (their processing mucks up the natural water supply).

Permissible additions: Hand-filtered perfumes (Cedar Smoke, Juniper Fire) inspired by streamside walks and the woodsy essences and oils therein.

Suggested usage: Morning (Jump Start has pine soap and Forest body oil), noon (beet-colored Luster lip balm), and night (the Sweet Sleep box’s lavender soap and chamomile oil lull newborns and grown-ups alike).

Indication of progress: Visual survey indicates beautiful results.

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Photo: Courtesy of Osmia Organics