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Paloma's Nest neighborhood chair collection

paloma's nest!

It’s a parental right to be irritated by your kid sitting around the house day after day after day.

Unless the house he’s perched atop is a neighborhood chair from Paloma’s Nest.

Design duo Caroline Colom Vásquez and José Vásquez-Corbalan, both of whom specialize in wood and clay, has turned out a handcrafted furniture collection that expertly marries form and function. Inspired by their daughter’s imaginative play and constrained by space (who has room for a dollhouse and a reading chair?), they created a series of seats that serve as both.

Choose from the Colonial, Victorian, or Modern designs with doors, rooflines, and windows representative of their namesake eras. Sized for bottoms ages 3 and up, the chairs are made from birch plywood, secured with hidden joints, and finished with a nontoxic natural varnish.

Dolls, cars, and action figures can move into (and around) their new pad with ease; your kid will likely take up residence as well.

As for you? You can sit on it.

Available at palomasnest.com, $228.

Photo: Courtesy of Paloma’s Nest