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Call Astro or District for Your Donut Fix

Two new delivery services that are wheel good

astro doughnuts and fried chicken!

Once relegated to the bottom of a cop’s food pyramid, the donut has rehabilitated its image. Next year will bring us a couple of brick-and-mortar sugar shacks, but you can order now for a taste of what’s to come.

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken
Rap sheet: Chef Jason Gehring and partners Elliot Spaisman and former Caps center Jeff Halpern take no prisoners. Seasonal selections like panettone (yeast-raised fruitcake with rum glaze and almonds) comprise a lineup of seven flavors, plus five revolving daily specials (black and white cookie, grapefruit).
Must munch: Maple bacon, Twink-nut, and creme brulee.
Order: Call 202-809-5565 or email info@astrodoughnuts.com. One-dozen minimum ($2.25-$2.85 each; the twelfth is on the house), by noon the day before.
Delivery range: Metro Center (b/t 9th & 15th Sts. NW, b/t E & H Sts.).
Shop opens:
January 2013.

District Doughnut
Rap sheet: Cooked up by Greg Menna and his business partner, Juan Pablo Segura, this operation caters to international taste buds. Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef Christine Schaefer whips up seven flavors, such as American PB&J, French beurre noisette, and Italian cannoli.
Must munch: Orange chocolate.
Order: Call 571-215-6122 or email info@districtdoughnut.com. Three-dozen minimum ($75), at least two days in advance.
Delivery range: Greater D.C. area.
Shop opens: Summer 2013.

Book ’em.

Photo: Kate Gibbs for DailyCandy