Hit Frye Art Museum for Display-Worthy Finds

5 gifts for design-obsessed pals

frye art museum!

A flashing-light reindeer sweater is one way to do eye catching.

But we’ve got a better idea: Head to Frye Art Museum, where guest curator Charlie Schuck (of Object) stocked the new shop full of fetching, streamlined designs that your giftees will be proud to display.

Wynne Greenwood Sculpture, $500
Your fledgling art collector sister hinted that she’s ready to move beyond wall hangings to three-dimensional creations. This limited-edition bust is the beginning of something beautiful.

Porcelain Fortune Cookies, $16
Let your lovable-but-overstaying-his-welcome younger brother discover his destiny through a message written by a clairvoyant. Here’s to hoping it tells him to get off your couch.

Iacoli & McCallister Paperweights, $88
The office paper pusher could use a little excitement on her unadorned desk. Push the envelope with a smattering of shiny brass and black office accessories.

Urbancase Polaroid Camera Candle, $30
Your BFF could be the poster child for Instaobsession. Reminisce over simpler times with a cheeky beeswax reminder.

Dot Dash Lights, $358
A 1970s-inspired geometric chandelier designed by local artist Erich Ginder is too cool for school, but it’s just right for the mod apartment you recently co-signed for. (It’s a present for the both of you.)

Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Avenue (206-622-9250 or fryemuseum.org).

Photos: Charlie Schuck / Courtesy of Frye Art Museum

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