An Instant Classic

Mimivail dresses for little ladies


You want your daughter to be her own person. Just as long as she wears clothing you approve of.

Mimivail, a new line of special-occasion dresses for girls, should meet your standards. In starting the company, founder Vail Weymann Vasisht kept one eye on the past — note the rickrack trim and Peter Pan collars — and one toward the future. Each dress comes with a handcrafted bracelet made in partnership with Light Gives Heat, a nonprofit that supports female artisans in Uganda.

The timeless frocks are impeccably made from the highest quality materials, including Scottish wool and an impossibly soft German corduroy. No detail is overlooked — from hand-felted buttons to cotton linings. Inverted pleats help keep the dresses in line; A-line silhouettes give little ladies room to be themselves.

So you’re both happy.

Available at mimivail.com, $210-$298.

Photo: Courtesy of Mimivail