ArchetypeMe Launches

We bet you think this site is about you


Nobody puts Baby in the corner. That said, it’s safe to assume Ms. Houseman now spends her days YouTubing tango videos and surfing message boards for women’s rights.

Find your own little corner of the digital world at ArchetypeMe, a new website based on Carl Jung’s personality-defining philosophy.

To start, take an eight-question quiz to determine which three of ten archetypes (athlete, advocate, caregiver, rebel, etc.) dominate your personality. After results are tallied, you create a login and boom, a good-looking site tailored to No. 1.

Content on the home screen is original (articles, gift guides, profiles, galleries). However, we’re keen on the community section where you can browse what fellow creatives or intellectuals have tagged to their boards during online travels (think Pinterest).

Not happy with your designation? Simply swap out archetypes. Commerce is coming soon, but, for now, the site aims to take guesswork out of the Internet to help you help yourself.

How uplifting.

Available at archetypeme.com.

Photo: Courtesy of ArchetypeMe